Why PPE Connector

Imagine that you are a procurement officer for a major hospital in NYC when all you had to do was to submit orders to your reliable vendors.  Then COVID-19 crisis hits and you’ve been asked to spend a million dollars on personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, but your vendors are completely out of stock.  You get 10 random calls from new vendors who you’ve never had a relationship with.  They have PPE and are asking for 100% upfront payment at severely inflated prices. What would you do?

Hello.  My name is Jay Park. I am a doctor in Emergency Medicine in NYC.  I also sit on a board of a disaster relief organization.  Over the past month, I’ve helped our NGO distribute 18 million dollars of PPE by manually identifying qualified PPE vendors and finding FDA authorized N95 and PPE equipment for our hospital workers. 

What I discovered during this crisis is the same thing that I find in any other natural disaster and crisis.  
Price gouging.  
Supply chain issues.  
New suppliers flooding the marketplace.  
Counterfeits or low-quality knock offs in the marketplace. 

Why does this happen? One of the reasons is the lack of transparency about the availability of supplies and the lack of trust between buyers and new vendors.  

PPEConnector is the solution, for both the buyer’s and the seller’s problems.  PPE CONNECTOR transparently connects trustworthy suppliers and buyers of FDA authorized PPE in an Open Marketplace platform.  PPE Connector is the first-of-its-kind technology to bring efficiency to this broken process by offering transparent pricing, certified sellers, and FDA authorized PPE.

Our open network connects verified suppliers to the buyers. We conduct an in-depth supplier vetting process to ensure the quality of the products and to provide a seamless transaction experience.

Join us today.