Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPE Connector?

We are an open marketplace for trusted suppliers and qualified buyers to communicate directly with each other. Our mission is to increase trust between buyers and sellers through transparency, and lower the cost of PPE. 

Do you sell to individuals in smaller quanities?

PPE Connector is built for large businesses, NGO and government agencies.  If you are an individual and want to make smaller purchases, then please visit our partner website:

How do I get started?

Please sign up as either a buyer or supplier.  Please fill out all the information so that we can verify that you are a qualified buyer or seller.  This process can take several days as we will check your references as a buyer or seller.  
If you are a seller and you make a new listing, then it will NOT go live until our staff has properly vetted your products.  This process can take several days to complete.

How do suppliers and buyers get vetted?

Both suppliers and buyers undergo a background check including sales/purchase history during our on-boarding process. The products sold are verified by the FDA and CDC website when applicable. All testing and certificates must be reported.  For a full listing of our process, please click on this blog:

Who is able to purchase PPE from the marketplace?

PPEConnector is available to large hospitals, small hospitals, mid-size enterprises and nonprofits. Many of the minimum order quantity on our marketplace exceeds 10,000 units.  
We have a direct to consumer site for smaller enterprises where you can purchase smaller quantity and still get the larger GROUP BUY discount on PPE.

How will you prevent price gouging?

Our marketplace will set a maximum price on specific items.  Anyone who violates this will be removed from the platform.

Do you have a list of unethical suppliers or fake PPE?

Although a list of bad suppliers and fake PPE would a great resource, we do not have this at the moment. 

Can you tell me if my PPE is fake?

We will try our best to help you.  Please email us at